Farmers' and agricultural stakeholders' next generation data platform for yield and profit maximization

We help farmers to transform their fields into profit centers. Data provided to agricultural actors (creditors, insurers, suppliers, traders, producers, agronomists, academicians, etc) acts as the enabler for a fruitfull season. Associated software and complementary hardware guarantees best decisions for the best results.

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What is Risk? Risk is the first of its kind, one-click service that tells you the climate risks on your field. It is the basic step to adapt climate changes.

"Risk" checks historical data gathered from many data silos (weather forecasts, meteo stations, radars) on subject field and provides hyperlocal statistics and derived insights. Precipitation, temperature, hail, thunderstorm distribution and probabilities are used for determining the operations, plant health, credit and insurance risks. This could be a must to check before deciding cultivation.

What is SMS? SMS is early warning for small farmers. SMS takes into account the weather and plant data to generate decision support. It brings timely weather and agronomy alerts when farmers are in need to know what is coming next.

What is Data Feed? Data Feed is the agronomy data flow coming from number of sources such as sensors, stations, radars, corporate ERPs and others.

Data Feed brings daily, weekly, monthly or yearly aggregates of weather parameters, precipitation, soil conditions, number of storms, hail occurances, temprature distributions, sensor parameters etc to the applications of corporates, stock exchanges, developers, academicians, agronomists, data scientists and interested actors.

Corporate solutions and its components helps corporations, buyers and traders to enable sustainable and quality supply of raw materials.

Food producers manage their contracted farmers with the help of platform and notification services. We keep track of each field 7/24. Corporate agronomists can check field, soil and plant conditions and forecasted events anytime.
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Boost your yield

Farmers plant, irrigate, fertilize, spray and harvest just on time. Data tells what to do next.

Unlock your potential

Farmers understand the relation between soil, plant and weather with systematic data gathering and correlation engines.


We have been keeping track of each parcel of soil, climate and plant for years. Farmers can decide what to plant next for the best possible output.

Best planning and nooli sensor tells best preactices for irrigation, spraying and fertilization. This could be one of the biggest leap in agricultural history.

Disributed farming creates the biggest, always-on farm with the power of distributed network of farms. This approach generates best possible advices for each field.


We negotiate with suppliers and pass the discounts to our farmers. Economies of scale works for all stakeholders.

Trusted by Leading Corporations

Our services are used by many farmers as well as large corporations for sustainable food production
and climate adaptation.

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"Türk Traktör, is the biggest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Turkey. As the market leader both in domestic markets and export activities, company has brand new digital transition strategy for its customers. provides data for their digital tools to be presented to farmers such as drought reports, climate risks, nowcast alerts etc.”

“Türkiye İş Bankası is the largest private bank in Turkey and has many branches globally. For their farmer customers, İş Bank provides digital tools where supplies agricultural data such as hyper local weather archieves, nowcast systems and remote sensing data.”

“TARSİM is the leading agri-insurance company in Turkey. provides data and intelligence services before policy issuance and after loss claims to ease the ground truth investigations via satellite images and severe weather networks.”

“Toros Tarım is the biggest fertilizer company in Turkey. They are the market leader with 33% shares. infrastructure feeds mobile, web and distributor tools to pick the best fertilizer combination for the specific soil and plant.”

“Turkish Economy Bank utilizes infrastructure to send information, warning and alert SMS messages to its farmer customers."

“In accordance with digital transformation in agriculture policy, TAT company utilizes infrastructure for weather and agricultural decision support content generation”

“Sumi Agro is active in the sales of novel plant protection and associated products to enable sustainable food production. infrasructure enables digital transformation of farmers via Sumi SAT APP starting from 2018.”

“Konya Şeker produces sugar beets. They are the market leader in sugar production in Turkey. digitizes 100K fields as large as Netherlands territory. We help 20K farmers to produce best quality sugar beets. ”

Our Awards

We got prestigious awards for our efforts and innovation capacity.


Most Innovative Agriculture and Food Startups List, 2020



European Union, SME Tool, Brussels, 2018

Seal of Excellence


Zurich Insurance, İstanbul 2018

Zurich Insurance World Innovation Competition REgional Winner


UNIDO PFAN Climate and Clean Energy Investmnet Forum, Vienna 2018

Exceptionally Promising Climate Clean Energy Project Finalist


Turkish German Innovation Summitt 2017

Most Innovative Startups Finalist


Get in the Ring 2017

National Champion


United Nations COP23 Data for Climate Action 2017

Data Visualisation Winner


Web Summit Lisbon 2016

2016 Machine Demo Finalist


Growtech Agriculture Expo 2016

Most Innovative Agriculture ICT Product


Tech Ankara Project Expo 2016

Best Startup, Finalist


Startup Turkey 2016



Ankara Startup 2016

Best Startup


Eurocloud 2015

Best Cloud Service in Europe


Finansbank Inovation Competition 2016

Finalist in Best Business Idea


Turkish Economy Bank Inovation Competition 2015

Jury's Special Award


ICT 2015, Fractal

Finalist in Urban Farming Challenge


United Nations - Tübitak Cleantech 2015

Best Innovation in Water Efficiency


IBM SmartCamp Istanbul 2015

Second Best Innovation


Turkish Exporters Association Inovation Competition 2014

Best Environmental Solution

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