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Q.How do I register?

A. It is easy. Input your location and plant. If you know details about your soil it would be best for our algorithms. You will start having the results instantly. You may upgrade your service by sms notifications and installing our agriculture sensor for live monitoring of your process.

Q.Is your nooli field sensor a must?

A. No. However with its existence you will receive the desired results in saving water, chemicals and workforce.

Q.Where do you get the weather data?

A. Weather data comes from many different sources. Either public ones like airports or private networks like weather companies as well as our own severe weather network and nooli sensors. The key is to make it useful for the user.

Q.What is the accuracy of your output?

A. Accuracy depends on many parameters like geography of the field, soil conditions, weather trends, vicinity of meteorology stations etc. Therefore farmers should know the risks and behave accordingly. If there exists a local sensor then accuracy goes above %90. For statistical details please contact us.

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