Lab Works, Trials and Initial Showcases

Next big thing in agriculture is clearing, transforming and processing the dark and big data

We try our proposals and establish vision for our brandnew products.

If we can open data to agricultural stakeholders' use, that will create new solutions for productivity bottlenecks humanity is facing nowadays. engineers from different disciplines learns problems, propose solutions and develops products. Mature products graduate from LAB to ease the lives of farmers and agricultural stakeholders.

Hail Cannon

Orchard managers and greenhouses are afraid of hails and storms. Any solutions? integrates online severe weather detection warnings with hail cannon operation to mitigate the losses due to hail storms. provides the severe weather coordinates and time of arrival, in order to power hail cannon which fires strong sound beams to halt hail formation inside clouds. Hail cannon producer HPM Makine (Eskişehir) set three cannons in Bursa, Sakarya and Eskişehir for trials during the storm season of 2017.


Data presentation, visually appealing?

Dark data that is the 80% of the generated volume stays on the servers without any further value creation. decided to open the summaries of data which it collects, for the benefits of farmers. There will be data aggragetions of disease severity values, precipitaions, growing degree days, sun shine hours etc


The challenge for local measurements for desicion support notes that local measurements requires expensive hardware with connectivity problems in the country side. Additionally it is difficult to install-manage and maintain. This should be as easy as clicking a button. Therefore, we try different solutions, protocols, technologies to fetch near real time data from fields (i.e nooli field sensor) and generate desicion support regarding irrigation and spraying. Once it is fixed, farmers can be able to increase their yield while they are saving precious resources.

Plant Growth Stages and Associated Risks

We can keep track of plant growth and correlate risks to mitigate losses

If we know the planting date of a crop we can model its growth. We can also utilize severe weather events and aggregated conditions to understand possible effects on growth. Taking precautions is easier if we can predict what is coming. This idea is shortlisted and invited to United Nations Data for Climate Action Challenge 2017 .


Innovative Decision Support Tools for Agriculture